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Creative Writing Trapped! Essay - 860 Words

She almost floated across the empty, box-like room. A cold shiver relentlessly weaved its way down Emma’s spine as she ran her bony hand down the bleak wall. The fireplace glared at her – its mouth opened wide. The unfamiliar surroundings struck her as if forcing themselves against her weak body –engulfing her. A soft breeze seething its way into the room from the uneven cracks underneath the door meant that the desolate room of openness had become filled with the sigh of the wind. It was as if it was crying, almost howling for its voice to be heard. The young girl slowly ebbed towards the corner of the room. Something had caught her eye – perhaps a sense of relief from the†¦show more content†¦Don’t leave me here†¦ I don’t think I can take it anymore. Almost as soon as she thought things couldn’t get worse, the most terrifying sound rang in her ears. The sudden bolt of the bedroom door unlatching itself made her thin face grow pale. And then she saw him. It was at this point that her imaginings were in fact reality. Draped in a long black coat, stood a man – his eyes pierced her skin as he stared almost straight through her. His face – hidden by the dark layers of shadows – was square and pointed. He lurched forward and seemed to look straight past the young helpless girl. A tight knot in her throat almost strangled her. She screamed†¦but no sound escaped her lips†¦ At first she felt nothing, but then a surge of anger mixed with the overwhelming thoughts of humiliation swept through her body. Wispy tendrils of his hair, brushed against her face, causing her to shiver slightly. She could feel his garments moving against her thin nightgown. She remembered how the night before a gentle touch graced her forehead, a hand, and it moved down her face, tracing her eyes†¦her cheek†¦her mouth. She tried to pull away, as fear began to overwhelm her senses, but he refused to let her go. He pulled her closer to him and she could feel his warm breath on her face. A tingle, partly fear and partly excitement, shot through her and her heartShow MoreRelatedMy First Poem By Samantha871 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout Creative Writing, I have worked on countless poems and wrote several pieces of nonfiction and fiction. I have selected five poems along with two pieces of fiction and one piece of nonfiction. My first poem is called Poem I in the Untitled Series by Samantha. I chose to not name my poems because I didn’t want to limit the reader. The first poem is four quatrains and is about fall and winter. I tired to experiment with end rhythm. I decide to follow the rhythm pattern A, B, C, B. It’sRead MoreLoss of Freedom in Sedaris This Old House and Angelous Caged Bird1274 Words   |  6 PagesSedaris constructs his feelings through narrative writing, and Angelou explores her concerns through descriptive writing with the analogy of a bird, they still are exploring the similar topic of perceived loss. The loss of freedom, demonstrated by the demand to uphold a family image, versus the caged bird, remain very similar in both pieces due to perceived entrapment, disappointment and self-nonentity. Descriptive essays leave room for misinterpretation and confusion, where as a narrative essayRead MoreThe Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Gilman1518 Words   |  7 Pagesappeared i n iteracy showing a steady determination to raise their voices against men’s dominancy. Charlotte (Anna) Perkins (Stetson) Gilman is certainly the most noticeable name in American Literature in late nineteenth century. In her remarkable writing, she uses symbolisms as a dominant instrument for fighting inequality and oppression in men’s world. The Yellow Wall-Paper as her most celebrated and intrigue piece of work, represents a spectrum of symbols that address the general concerns aboutRead MoreYellow Wallpaper Essay999 Words   |  4 Pagesillness. Mitchell s rest cure, prescribed primarily to women, consisted of committing the patient to bed for a period of months, during which time the patient was fed only mild foods and deprived of all mental, physical, and social activity—reading, writing, and painting were explicitly prohibited. Gilman once stated that the rest cure itself nearly drove her insane. The parallels between Gilman s experience and that of the narrator in â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† are evident in the story. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper†Read More Loneliness to Insanity and Madness in A Rose for Emily and The Yellow Wall-Paper1545 Words   |  7 PagesGilmans The Yellow Wall-Paper are forced into solitude simply because they are women. Emilys father rejects all of her prospective mates; the husband of Gilmans narrator isolates her from stimulation of any kind. Eventually, Emily is a recluse trapped in a deprecated home, and the narrator in Gilmans story is a delusional woman confined to her bed. A study of the characterization and setting of A Rose for Emily and The Yellow Wall-Paper demonstrates how the oppressive nature of patriarchyRead MoreCharacter Analysis Yellow Wallpaper1146 Words   |  5 Pageswhose controlling personality demands the main character to get bed rest in a secluded room and forbid her to participate in any creative activity that would exercise the mind, which affects her ability to express any thoughts through her enjoyment in writing. At one time, the narrator’s exquisite imagination might have found a productive escape through her sporadic writing, but forced to repress her thoughts instead leads to her growth in madness. The narrator from â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is an exampleRead MoreThe Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman790 Words   |  3 Pagesthe yellow wallpaper claiming that there’s a woman enclosed in the pattern. I’m arguing that the wallpaper plays a role in symbolism. In my opinion, it represents how the narrator suffers from the oppression of her husband and the feeling of being trapped. Right off the bat you can already tell that the husband, John, is the dominant figure in the narrator’s relationship. Playing the obedient wife that she is, the narrator happily acquiesces to everything John advices; I mean he is a certified doctorRead MoreThe Yellow Wallpaper Enters the Canon1691 Words   |  7 Pageshome (Gilman). Charlottes great use of detailed words proves that she is a professional when it comes to American gothic writing. Gilman is a master in creating stories that leave the reader completely speechless and in awe. However, it is still debatable if Charlotte Perkins Gilman should be included in the strict American Literary Canon. By interpreting her descriptive writing style, and analyzing her literary devices such as, tone, symbolism, and satire, it is clear that Charlotte Perkins GilmanRead More Women Being Controlled in The Yellow Wallpaper1091 Words   |  5 Pagesmembers. It appears the woman in the story wants to get better and seeks the help o f her husband by making several suggestions, but her requests are often denied. Such circumstances, causes the woman to fall into a deeper depression because she feels trapped and lonely. With good intentions, John controls his wifes life and makes all decisions for her, whether she agrees with them or not. His wife is full aware of the restrictions that her husband has imposed on her, but she is recessive to his controlRead More`` The Yellow Wallpaper `` By Charlotte Perkins Gilman858 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"John laughs at me, but one expects that in marriage.† Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote, â€Å"John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that in marriage.† In her The Yellow Wallpaper men attempted to prevent women from achieving their intellectual and creative potential by making women be their subordinates. The dreadful wallpaper that Gilman came to hate in her story is a symbolic representation of her personal life were as she gets married her role is limited to that of a domestic servant as her husband

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Explore the Use of Magic in ‘the Tempest’ - 1556 Words

Shakespeare Coursework – The Tempest Question: Explore the use of magic in ‘The Tempest’ William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ highlights a variety of different types of magic. Magic is an important part of this play because not only does it literally give Prospero his revenge but it also shows who has power and who does not have power. Magic is important in ‘The Tempest’ because basically without it there is no play. Shakespeare uses the magic to engage his audience and to almost make the audience believe that magic does really exist. The characters are affected by many different types of magic in many different ways. The character in the play with the most control over magic is Prospero. So in the eyes of the audience he is the most†¦show more content†¦Ariel’s magic is benign- but can be dangerous because not only can he make mistakes under his lack of free will but he is also permitted to not think about what he is doing. Prospero’s magic malignant because although physically he does not harm anyone. Emotionally he harms even his own daughter. Prospero compared to Ariel is actually less powerful yet Prospero is more controlling this portrays his character as strong and cunning to the reader. Ariel’s character however is portrayed as weak, foolish, and mindless. Also Miranda is put to sleep by Prospero we know this because Prospero says ‘Thou art inclin’d to sleep ... – I know thou canst not choose.’ (I. II. 185-186). By Prospero doing this it means that she is unaware of her surroundings including the airy sprit Ariel. This would affect Miranda deeply as if she were to find out that her dad was keeping another secret from her, she could be traumatised and never be able to trust her dad again. She also would probably feel even more lonely than before. The key events are continually affected by magic for example ‘The Tempest’ at the start of the play is entirely magic controlled by Ariel. Most of the magic used in these key events has aShow MoreRelatedLord Of The Flies And The Tempest1303 Words   |  6 PagesExplore the struggle/desire/theme of power and how it is presented in ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘The Tempest’. In the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding and ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare, power is a main theme throughout both texts. Both represent microcosm of outer society at the time the text was written. In Lord of the Flies it was a time when the world’s dominant countries were struggling for power over Germany which was known as the Cold war. The capitalist American’s wantedRead MoreOpposition between Art and Reality in Shakespeares The Tempest1062 Words   |  5 PagesOpposition between Art and Reality in The Tempest      Ã‚  Ã‚   The Tempest is a self-reflexive play that explores the boundaries of art and reality. Shakespeares island is a realm controlled by the artist figure; where the fabulous, the ideal and the imaginative are presented as both illusory and palpable, and where the audience is held in an indeterminate state, a strange repose. The juxtaposition of the world of art with political and social realities explored by representative charactersRead MoreThe Tempest, By William Shakespeare1343 Words   |  6 Pagestechnology, nature, or both. One of the most obvious parallels is, of course, to Shakespeare s The Tempest, the story of a man stranded on an island which he has single-handedly brought under his control through the use of magic. Indeed, the characters, plot, and lesson of Forbidden Planet mirror almost exactly those of The Tempest, with the exception that where The Tempest employs magic, Forbidden Planet utilizes technology. At this point, it is useful to recall one of Arthur C. ClarkeRead More Essay on the Setting in Shakespeares The Tempest1072 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Setting in The Tempest   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Shakespeare’s enchanted island in The Tempest is a restorative pastoral setting, a place where ‘no man was his own’ and a place that offers endless possibilities to the people that arrive on it’s shores. Although the actual location of the island is not known, the worlds of Seneca aptly describe it’s significance to the play – it represents the ‘bounds of things, the remotest shores of the world’. On the boundary of reality, the island partakes of bothRead MoreEssay on The Tempest as Shakespeares Resignation Speech831 Words   |  4 PagesThe Tempest as Shakespeares Resignation Speech      Ã‚  Ã‚   In Shakespeares, The Tempest, the character Prospero is in many ways similar to Shakespeare himself at the time he wrote the play.   Prospero, having entertained himself with his magic for most of his life, now gives up his powers as he seems to understand that his magic is no more and no less than life itself :   it is just as transitory and hollow.   This seems to reflect on Shakespeares attitude toward play writing.   Having spent hisRead MoreEssay on Importance of Setting in Shakespeares The Tempest1275 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of Setting in The Tempest  Ã‚   The island of magic and mystery that Shakespeare creates in The Tempest is an extraordinary symbol of both the political and social realities of his contemporary society, and of the potential for a reformed New World. Shakespeare’s island is a creation which allows the juxtaposition of real and idealised worlds, and shows his audience both what they and what they ought to be. The seventeenth century was a time of ideological upheaval in Europe, with MedievalRead MoreThe Tempest By William Shakespeare Essay1055 Words   |  5 Pagescompletely copying Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, I did a creative spin on it in order to provide more insight into Prospero’s emotions. I felt I could accomplish this by creating an illustrated novel or adaption of Act 4 and 5 of The Tempest. By modifying some of the scenes in this play, I successfully illustrated a more accurate portrait of Prospero and was able to transcribe the process of the transformation he undergoes in this play. In The Tempest, Prospero experiences a significant transformationRead More Exploring Shakespeares Presentation of the Theme of Power in The Tempest1647 Words   |  7 PagesPower in The Tempest In The Tempest, power manifests itself in many different forms. Three of the main types of power that Shakespeare explores are the power of love, the power of magic and illusion and the power of a master over his slave. He presents these forms of power in a number of ways. In The Tempest Prospero appears to hold the majority of the power. He maintains his control over other characters in various ways, for example he uses the power ofRead MoreThe Tempest - Relationship Between Prospero and Caliban1667 Words   |  7 Pagesthe dramatic methods Shakespeare uses to present the relationship between Prospero and Caliban. ‘The Tempest’ was the last play written by Shakespeare and is widely regarded to be his greatest play. ‘The Tempest’ is thought to have been written about the year 1610. All of Shakespeare’s previously used genres are in the play: romance, tragedy, comedy and history. ‘The Tempest’ adheres to the three classical unities, unity of time, action and place. ‘The Tempest’ takes place in a twenty-four hourRead MoreThe Abuse of Power in Shakespeares Play, The Tempest Essay example976 Words   |  4 PagesThe play, The Tempest, by William Shakespeare is a very cleverly thought out piece of work. Shakespeare very deliberately inter-relates several different forms of power during the course of the play. There is political power, shown through the plethora of political characters and their schemes, while at the same time parodied by the comic characters. The power of magic and love, and its ability to reunite and absolve also plays a major role in the play. Throughout the play, Prospero, the main character

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Free Will Of The Media - 1614 Words

Free will of the media carries with it certain responsibilities of truthfulness, equality, accurateness and liability. I will talk about issues involving to media accountability in the present day. The media are responsible for the greater part of the explanation and experience from which we construct up our individual perceptive of the humanity and how it works. Our view of realism is based on media communication that has been constructed and has attitude, interpretation and conclusion build in. Lacking mass media, sincerity and liability are unattainable in present-day democracy. Freedom of the media carries with it convinced tasks of openness, justice, truthfulness and responsibility. The control of the media to form and tear down individual morals comes with enormous duty. The Oxford English Dictionary define the word responsible as having the commitment to do something, as part of one s occupation or task: or having power over or concern for someone, accountable to be called t o the description. Responsibility is defined as the condition or reality of being liable, the capability to act alone and make a decision, the status of being accountable for one s presentation according to the conditions of reference of the Code of Professional Conduct. Collectively, peoples tasks are the thing for which they are held responsible, failure to release an accountability render one responsible for some reprimand or consequenceShow MoreRelated Free Media Essay1864 Words   |  8 PagesFree Media Everyone has done it. It is part of the computer age; downloading. Its fast, it’s easy, and best of all, it’s free. Well, free in the sense that you don’t have to pay for that particular item you are acquiring over the internet. But there are always those other fees; internet cable bill is the big one because there is no way you’ll be able to download all those files you want with dialup and keep your sanity! So how does all of this fall into the category of the law;Read MoreThe Media Of Free Trade1493 Words   |  6 Pagesbecoming more and more interconnected with each other with each passing year. They are becoming more connected socially through the Internet and what I have mentioned earlier, culturally through music and film, and economically through the system of free trade. Now, not everyone is a huge fan of this heightened era of globalization, as many oppose this idea of a gradual cultural and socio-economical coming together of s orts. Yet, the fact remains, that it is happening regardless. There is also theRead MoreFree Speech, Media Regulation And Media And Society1320 Words   |  6 Pages I have come to the conclusion that free speech, media regulation and media and society are very controversial topics. There are many aspects of each that can be agreed or disagreed on. Breaking down each, I am going to analyze what I think about the author’s line of arguments and recommendations, as well as give my own. First, topic is free speech and I am going to start off with the essay written by John Barlow in the book Copy Fights. His opinion on free speech is that it is basic human rightsRead MoreThe Media As A Valuable Outlet For Free Expression1665 Words   |  7 PagesThe social media as a valuable outlet for free expression Introduction The communications and media landscape is experiencing a profound and fast transformation. There is a possibility of describing the evolution and development of new technologies as enterprising and open. The internet comprises of the considered technological developments, which is the latest outlet that a considerable number of people in the world can access and use to communicate (Maras 3). Just as other technologies before itRead MoreMedia Analysis : Playboys Nude Free Move1165 Words   |  5 Pages Media Analysis: Since the news hit that Playboy is pulling all nude photos in the spring of next year many news companies all have shared their own view, however we are only going to look at two of them. Starting with the headlines from The New York Times, Playboy, an Aging Roue, Finds That Nudes Are Now Old News as it Seeks Readers. There is also CNN who states â€Å"Larry Flynt thinks Playboy’s nude-free move is ‘ludicrous’.† In both articles we will explore playboy on how it came about and the newRead MoreShould Children Have Free Access Of Media?2036 Words   |  9 PagesShould Children have Free Access to Media? Many sources of popular media, such as television, video games, and music, can lead to improvement in the intellectual or behavioral development of children, but at the same time, these sources of media can also be harmful to child development. Television is seen as one of the worst of the three, as it is seen as media source that requires no activity from the viewer, music can also help in the development of children’s cognitive functions and abilitiesRead MoreBest Free And Easy Tools For Social Media Marketing790 Words   |  4 PagesChapter 5: Best Free and Easy Tools for Social Media Marketing Is it true that you are hoping to reduce your social media marketing and SEO costs? Social networks are an extraordinary, financially savvy approach to get your image before fans and potential clients. SEO and social media marketing will permit you to share content with no expense! SEO and social media marketing offer progressed, yet moderate promoting stages you can use to focus on your customers with demographic, keywords and alsoRead MoreEssay about Social Media is Free Speech Gone Mad1063 Words   |  5 PagesSocial media is â€Å"media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.† The notion of freedom of speech is â€Å"the right to express information, ideas, and opinions free of government restrictions based on content and subject only to reasonable limitations.† Social media rapidly travels virally, thus magnifying issues so that they are more exaggeratedRead MoreProviding Users Hassle Free Media Streaming Using The Buffer Consideration Essay1845 Words   |  8 Pages CHAPTER: 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROJECT SUMMARY †¢ The purpose of this project is to provide users hassle free media streaming using the buffer consideration the bandwidth available to user and to give user(s) personalized recommendation based on their previous activities. †¢ The media (High resolution) uploaded into cloud input bucket will be converted to a number of different links. †¢ Each link will have a format of the video. Each link will be again converted into different resolutionsRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Free Speech1328 Words   |  6 PagesFree speech is important. It enables humans to openly express any thoughts, opinions, or ideas one may have without the risk of government oppression or censorship. Social media act as platforms that promote free speech, as social media allow any person’s thoughts, opinions, or ideas to be shared with the world at the simple click of an â€Å"enter† key. However, there do exist limitations to free speech when threats or hate speech become involved. In these instances, ramifications and legal actions can

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Personalizaton through Searches on Google and Facebook is...

Worldwide there is an underlying issue within search engines and social media. This issue is becoming evident as the number of people retrieving their news through Google and Facebook increases. Personalisation through searches is evolving to only show the consumer what they want to see not what they need to see. Online Organiser and Author of ‘The Filter Bubble’, Eli Pariser argues in his TED Talk about the unreliability of not being exposed to information that could broaden our worldwide view and possibly resolve pivotal democratic issues. This cycle of trying to consistently please the users is becoming evident within search organisations and has evolved with technology as algorithmic filters were introduced having an unbalanced and unethical filter. This invisible filter is now generating a â€Å"personal unique universe of information† (Pariser, 2011), for every individual user, enforcing the inability to have a functioning democracy because of the public not receiving accurate and most importantly balanced information. The Filter Bubble’s motive is to create a personalised environment online through the search engine, by getting to know the source of sites it thinks it’s consumer is interested in. The filter then only provides their subject with specific ‘relevant’ information. The continuous flow of information being shown on google and Facebook revolves around the commonly visited sites rather than things that benefit the users worldwide view and get them thinking (Eli

The Host Chapter 39 Worried Free Essays

string(28) " were always surprising me\." Perfect, I grumbled to myself. Just perfect. Ian was coming to join me for lunch, a big smile glued into place on his face. We will write a custom essay sample on The Host Chapter 39: Worried or any similar topic only for you Order Now Trying to cheer me up†¦ again. I think you’re overdoing the sarcasm lately, Melanie told me. I’ll keep that in mind. I hadn’t heard from her much in the past week. Neither of us was good company right now. It was better if we avoided social interaction, even with each other. â€Å"Hey, Wanda,† Ian greeted me, hopping up onto the counter beside me. He had a bowl of tomato soup in one hand, still steaming. Mine was beside me, cooled and half full. I was toying with a piece of roll, ripping it into tiny pieces. I didn’t answer him. â€Å"Oh, come on.† He put his hand on my knee. Mel’s angry reaction was lethargic. She was too used to this kind of thing to really work up a good fit anymore. â€Å"They’ll be back today. Before sunset, without a doubt.† â€Å"You said that three days ago, and two days ago, and again yesterday,† I reminded him. â€Å"I have a good feeling about today. Don’t sulk-it’s so human,† he teased. â€Å"I’m not sulking.† I wasn’t. I was so worried I could barely think straight. It didn’t leave me energy to do anything else. â€Å"This isn’t the first raid Jamie’s gone on.† â€Å"That makes me feel so much better.† Again with the sarcasm. Melanie was right-I really was overusing it. â€Å"He’s got Jared and Geoffrey and Trudy with him. And Kyle’s here.† Ian laughed. â€Å"So there’s no way they’ll get into any trouble.† â€Å"I don’t want to talk about it.† â€Å"Okay.† He turned his attention to his food and let me stew. Ian was nice that way-always trying to give me what I wanted, even when what I wanted was unclear to either of us. His insistent attempts to distract me from the present anxiety excepted, of course. I knew I didn’t want that. I wanted to worry; it was the only thing I could do. It had been a month since I’d moved back into Jamie and Jared’s room. For three weeks of that time, the four of us had lived together. Jared slept on a mattress wedged above the head of the bed where Jamie and I slept. I’d gotten used to it-the sleeping part, at least; I was having a hard time sleeping now in the empty room. I missed the sound of two other bodies breathing. I hadn’t gotten used to waking up every morning with Jared there. It still took me a second too long to return his morning greeting. He was not at ease, either, but he was always polite. We were both very polite. It was almost scripted at this point. â€Å"Good morning, Wanda, how did you sleep?† â€Å"Fine, thank you, and you?† â€Å"Fine, thanks. And†¦ Mel?† â€Å"She’s good, too, thanks.† Jamie’s constant state of euphoria and his happy chattering kept things from becoming too strained. He talked about-and to-Melanie often, until her name was no longer the source of stress it had once been when Jared was present. Every day, it got a little bit more comfortable, the pattern of my life here a little bit more pleasant. We were†¦ sort of happy. Both Melanie and I. And then, a week ago, Jared had left for another short raid-mostly to replace broken tools-and taken Jamie with him. â€Å"You tired?† Ian asked. I realized I was rubbing at my eyes. â€Å"Not really.† â€Å"Still not sleeping well?† â€Å"It’s too quiet.† â€Å"I could sleep with you-Oh, calm down, Melanie. You know what I meant.† Ian always noticed when Melanie’s antagonism made me cringe. â€Å"I thought they were going to be back today,† I challenged. â€Å"You’re right. I guess there’s no need for rearranging.† I sighed. â€Å"Maybe you should take the afternoon off.† â€Å"Don’t be silly,† I told him. â€Å"I’ve got plenty of energy for work.† He grinned as though I’d said something that pleased him. Something he’d been hoping I would say. â€Å"Good. I could use some help with a project.† â€Å"What’s the project?† â€Å"I’ll show you-you finished there?† I nodded. He took my hand as he led me out of the kitchen. Again, this was so common that Melanie barely protested. â€Å"Why are we going this way?† The eastern field did not need attention. We’d been part of the group that had irrigated it this morning. Ian didn’t answer. He was still grinning. He led me down the eastern tunnel, past the field and into the corridor that led to only one place. As soon as we were in the tunnel, I could hear voices echoing and a sporadic thud, thud that it took me a moment to place. The stale, bitter sulfur odor helped link the sound to the memory. â€Å"Ian, I’m not in the mood.† â€Å"You said you had plenty of energy.† â€Å"To work. Not to play soccer.† â€Å"But Lily and Wes will be really disappointed. I promised them a game of two-on-two. They worked so hard this morning to free up the afternoon†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Don’t try to make me feel guilty,† I said as we rounded the last curve. I could see the blue light of several lamps, shadows flitting in front of them. â€Å"Isn’t it working?† he teased. â€Å"C’mon, Wanda. It will be good for you.† He pulled me into the low-ceilinged game room, where Lily and Wes were passing the ball back and forth across the length of the field. â€Å"Hey, Wanda. Hey, Ian,† Lily called to us. â€Å"This one’s mine, O’Shea,† Wes warned him. â€Å"You’re not going to let me lose to Wes, are you?† Ian murmured. â€Å"You could beat them alone.† â€Å"It would still be a forfeit. I’d never live it down.† I sighed. â€Å"Fine. Fine. Be that way.† Ian hugged me with what Melanie thought was unnecessary enthusiasm. â€Å"You’re my very favorite person in the known universe.† â€Å"Thanks,† I muttered dryly. â€Å"Ready to be humiliated, Wanda?† Wes taunted. â€Å"You may have taken the planet, but you’re losing this game.† Ian laughed, but I didn’t respond. The joke made me uneasy. How could Wes make a joke about that? Humans were always surprising me. You read "The Host Chapter 39: Worried" in category "Essay examples" Melanie included. She’d been in just as miserable a mood as I was, but now she was suddenly excited. We didn’t get to play last time, she explained. I could feel her yearning to run-to run for pleasure rather than in fear. Running was something she used to love. Doing nothing won’t get them home any faster. A distraction might be nice. She was already thinking strategy, sizing up our opponents. â€Å"Do you know the rules?† Lily asked me. I nodded. â€Å"I remember them.† Absently, I bent my leg at the knee and grabbed my ankle behind me, pulling it to stretch out the muscles. It was a familiar position to my body. I stretched the other leg and was pleased that it felt whole. The bruise on the back of my thigh was faded yellow, almost gone. My side felt fine, which made me think that my rib had never really been broken. I’d seen my face while I was cleaning mirrors two weeks ago. The scar forming on my cheek was dark red and as big as the palm of my hand, with a dozen jagged points around the edges. It bothered Melanie more than it did me. â€Å"I’ll take the goal,† Ian told me, while Lily fell back and Wes paced beside the ball. A mismatch. Melanie liked this. Competition appealed to her. From the moment the game started-Wes kicking the ball back to Lily and then sprinting ahead to get around me for her pass-there was very little time to think. Only to react and to feel. See Lily shift her body, measure the direction this would send the ball. Cut Wes off-ah, but he was surprised by how fast I was-launch the ball to Ian and move up the field. Lily was playing too far forward. I raced her to the lantern goalpost and won. Ian aimed the pass perfectly, and I scored the first goal. It felt good: the stretch and pull of muscle, the sweat of exertion rather than plain heat, the teamwork with Ian. We were well matched. I was quick, and his aim was deadly. Wes’s goading dried up before Ian scored the third goal. Lily called the game when we hit twenty-one. She was breathing hard. Not me; I felt good, muscles warm and limber. Wes wanted another round, but Lily was done. â€Å"Face it, they’re better.† â€Å"We got hustled.† â€Å"No one ever said she couldn’t play.† â€Å"No one ever said she was a pro, either.† I liked that-it made me smile. â€Å"Don’t be a sore loser,† Lily said, reaching out to tickle Wes’s stomach playfully. He caught her fingers and pulled her closer to him. She laughed, tugging away, but Wes reeled her in and planted a solid kiss on her laughing mouth. Ian and I exchanged a quick, startled glance. â€Å"For you, I will lose with grace,† Wes told her, and then set her free. Lily’s smooth caramel skin had taken on a bit of pink on her cheeks and neck. She peeked at Ian and me to see our reaction. â€Å"And now,† Wes continued, â€Å"I’m off to get reinforcements. We’ll see how your little ringer does against Kyle, Ian.† He lobbed the ball into the far dark corner of the cave, where I heard it splash into the spring. Ian trotted off to retrieve it, while I continued to look at Lily curiously. She laughed at my expression, sounding self-conscious, which was unusual for her. â€Å"I know, I know.† â€Å"How long has†¦ that been going on?† I wondered. She grimaced. â€Å"Not my business. Sorry.† â€Å"It’s okay. It’s not a secret-how could anything be a secret here, anyway? It’s just really†¦ new to me. It’s sort of your fault,† she added, smiling to show that she was teasing me. I felt a little guilty anyway. And confused. â€Å"What did I do?† â€Å"Nothing,† she assured me. â€Å"It was Wes’s†¦ reaction to you that surprised me. I didn’t know he had so much depth to him. I was never really aware of him before that. Oh, well. He’s too young for me, but what does that matter here?† She laughed again. â€Å"It’s strange how life and love go on. I didn’t expect that.† â€Å"Yeah. Kind of funny how that happens,† Ian agreed. I hadn’t heard him return. He slung his arm around my shoulders. â€Å"It’s nice, though. You do know Wes has been infatuated with you since he first got here, right?† â€Å"So he says. I hadn’t noticed.† Ian laughed. â€Å"Then you’re the only one. So, Wanda, how about some one-on-one while we’re waiting?† I could feel Melanie’s wordless enthusiasm. â€Å"Okay.† He let me have the ball first, holding back, hugging the goal area. My first shot cut between him and the post, scoring. I rushed him when he kicked off, and got the ball back. I scored again. He’s letting us win, Mel grumbled. â€Å"Come on, Ian. Play.† â€Å"I am.† Tell him he’s playing like a girl. â€Å"Playing like a girl.† He laughed, and I slipped the ball away from him again. The taunt wasn’t enough. I had an inspiration then, and I shot the ball through his goal, guessing it would probably be the last time I got to do it. Mel objected. I don’t like this idea. I’ll bet it works, though. I put the ball back at center field. â€Å"You win, and you can sleep in my room while they’re gone.† I needed a good night’s rest. â€Å"First to ten.† With a grunt, he launched the ball past me so hard that it rebounded off the distant, invisible wall behind my goal and came back to us. I looked at Lily. â€Å"Was that wide?† â€Å"No, it looked dead center to me.† â€Å"One-three,† Ian announced. It took him fifteen minutes to win, but at least I got to really work. I even squeezed in one more goal, of which I was proud. I was gasping for air when he stole the ball from me and sailed it through my goalposts for the last time. He wasn’t winded. â€Å"Ten-four, I win.† â€Å"Good game,† I huffed. â€Å"Tired?† he asked, the innocence in his tone a bit overdone. Being funny. He stretched. â€Å"I think I’m ready for bed myself.† He leered in a melodramatic way. I winced. â€Å"Aw, Mel, you know I’m joking. Be nice.† Lily eyed us, mystified. â€Å"Jared’s Melanie objects to me,† Ian told her, winking. Her eyebrows rose. â€Å"That’s†¦ interesting.† â€Å"I wonder what’s taking Wes so long?† Ian muttered, not taking much notice of her reaction. â€Å"Should we go find out? I could use some water.† â€Å"Me, too,† I agreed. â€Å"Bring some back.† Lily didn’t move from where she was half sprawled on the floor. As we entered the narrow tunnel, Ian threw one arm lightly around my waist. â€Å"You know,† he said, â€Å"it’s really unfair for Melanie to make you suffer when she’s angry at me.† â€Å"Since when are humans fair?† â€Å"Good point.† â€Å"Besides, she’d be glad to make you suffer, if I’d let her.† He laughed. â€Å"That’s nice about Wes and Lily, don’t you think?† he said. â€Å"Yes. They both seem very happy. I like that.† â€Å"I like it, too. Wes finally got the girl. Gives me hope.† He winked at me. â€Å"Do you think Melanie would make you very uncomfortable if I were to kiss you right now?† I stiffened for a second, then took a deep breath. â€Å"Probably.† Oh, yes. â€Å"Definitely.† Ian sighed. We heard Wes shouting at the same time. His voice came from the end of the tunnel, getting closer with each word. â€Å"They’re back! Wanda, they’re back!† It took me less than a second to process, and then I was sprinting. Behind me, Ian mumbled something about wasted effort. I nearly knocked Wes down. â€Å"Where?† I gasped. â€Å"In the plaza.† And I was off again. I flew into the big garden room with my eyes already searching. It wasn’t hard to find them. Jamie was standing at the front of a group of people near the entrance to the southern tunnel. â€Å"Hey, Wanda!† he yelled, waving. Trudy held his arm as I ran around the edges of the field, as if she were holding him back from running to meet me. I grabbed his shoulders with both hands and pulled him to me. â€Å"Oh, Jamie!† â€Å"Did ya miss me?† â€Å"Just a tiny bit. Where is everyone? Is everyone home? Is everyone okay?† Besides Jamie, Trudy was the only person here who was back from the raid. Everyone else in the little crowd-Lucina, Ruth Ann, Kyle, Travis, Violetta, Reid-was welcoming them home. â€Å"Everyone’s back and well,† Trudy assured me. My eyes swept the big cave. â€Å"Where are they?† â€Å"Uh†¦ getting cleaned up, unloading†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I wanted to offer my help-anything that would get me to where Jared was so I could see with my own eyes that he was safe-but I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to see where the goods were coming in. â€Å"You look like you need a bath,† I told Jamie, rumpling his dirty, knotted hair without letting go of him. â€Å"He’s supposed to go lie down,† Trudy said. â€Å"Trudy,† Jamie muttered, giving her a dark look. Trudy glanced at me quickly, then looked away. â€Å"Lie down†¦?† I stared at Jamie, pulling back to get a good look at him. He didn’t seem tired-his eyes were bright, and his cheeks flushed under his tan. My eyes raked over him once and then froze on his right leg. There was a ragged hole in his jeans a few inches above his knee. The fabric around the hole was a dark reddish brown, and the ominous color spread in a long stain all the way to the cuff. Blood, Melanie realized with horror. â€Å"Jamie! What happened?† â€Å"Thanks, Trudy.† â€Å"She was going to notice soon enough. C’mon, we’ll talk while you limp.† Trudy put her arm under his and helped him hop forward one slow step at a time, keeping his weight on his left leg. â€Å"Jamie, tell me what happened!† I put my arm around him from the other side, trying to carry as much of his weight as I could. â€Å"It’s really stupid. And totally my fault. And it could have happened here.† â€Å"Tell me.† He sighed. â€Å"I tripped with a knife in my hand.† I shuddered. â€Å"Shouldn’t we be taking you the other way? You need to see Doc.† â€Å"That’s where I’m coming from. That’s where we went first.† â€Å"What did Doc say?† â€Å"It’s fine. He cleaned it and bandaged it and said to go lie down.† â€Å"And have you walk all this way? Why didn’t you stay in the hospital?† Jamie made a face and glanced up at Trudy, like he was looking for an answer. â€Å"Jamie will be more comfortable on his bed,† she suggested. â€Å"Yeah,† he agreed quickly. â€Å"Who wants to lie around on one of those awful cots?† I looked at them and then behind me. The crowd was gone. I could hear their voices echoing back down the southern corridor. What was that about? Mel wondered warily. It occurred to me that Trudy wasn’t a much better liar than I was. When she’d said the others from the raid were unloading and cleaning up, there was a false note to her voice. I thought I remembered her eyes flickering to the right, back toward that tunnel. â€Å"Hey, kid! Hey, Trudy!† Ian had caught up to us. â€Å"Hi, Ian,† they greeted him at the same time. â€Å"What happened here?† â€Å"Fell on a knife,† Jamie grunted, ducking his head. Ian laughed. â€Å"I don’t think it’s funny,† I told him, my voice tight. Melanie, frantic with worry in my head, imagined slapping him. I ignored her. â€Å"Could happen to anybody,† Ian said, planting a light punch on Jamie’s arm. â€Å"Right,† Jamie muttered. â€Å"Where’s everybody?† I watched Trudy from the corner of my eye as she answered him. â€Å"They, uh, had some unloading to finish up.† This time her eyes moved toward the southern tunnel very deliberately, and Ian’s expression hardened, turned enraged for half a second. Then Trudy glanced back at me and caught me watching. Distract them, Melanie whispered. I looked down at Jamie quickly. â€Å"Are you hungry?† I asked him. â€Å"Yeah.† â€Å"When aren’t you hungry?† Ian teased. His face was relaxed again. He was better at deception than Trudy. When we reached our room, Jamie sank gratefully onto the big mattress. â€Å"You sure you’re okay?† I checked. â€Å"It’s nothing. Really. Doc says I’ll be fine in a few days.† I nodded, though I was not convinced. â€Å"I’m going to go clean up,† Trudy murmured as she left. Ian propped himself against the wall, going nowhere. Keep your face down when you lie, Melanie suggested. â€Å"Ian?† I stared intently at Jamie’s bloody leg. â€Å"Do you mind getting us some food? I’m hungry, too.† â€Å"Yeah. Get us something good.† I could feel Ian’s eyes on me, but I didn’t look up. â€Å"Okay,† he agreed. â€Å"I’ll be back in just a second.† He emphasized the short time. I kept my gaze down, as if I were examining the wound, until I heard his footsteps fade. â€Å"You aren’t mad at me?† Jamie asked. â€Å"Of course not.† â€Å"I know you didn’t want me to go.† â€Å"You’re safe now; that’s all that matters.† I patted his arm absentmindedly. Then I got to my feet and let my hair, now chin length, fall forward to hide my face. â€Å"I’ll be right back-I forgot something I wanted to tell Ian.† â€Å"What?† he asked, confused by my tone. â€Å"You’ll be okay here by yourself?† â€Å"Course I will,† he retorted, sidetracked. I ducked out around the screen before he could ask anything else. The hall was clear, Ian out of sight. I had to hurry. I knew he was already suspicious. He’d noticed that I’d noticed Trudy’s awkward and artificial explanation. He wouldn’t be gone long. I walked quickly, but didn’t run, as I moved through the big plaza. Purposeful, as if I were on an errand. There were only a few people there-Reid, headed for the passageway that led to the bathing pool; Ruth Ann and Heidi, paused by the eastern corridor, chatting; Lily and Wes, their backs to me, holding hands. No one paid me any attention. I stared ahead as if I were not focused on the southern tunnel, only turning in at the very last second. As soon as I was in the pitch-black of the corridor, I sped up, jogging along the familiar path. Some instinct told me this was the same thing-that this was a repeat of the last time Jared and the others had come home from a raid, and everyone was sad, and Doc had gotten drunk, and no one would answer my questions. It was happening again, whatever I wasn’t supposed to know about. What I didn’t want to know about, according to Ian. I felt prickles on the back of my neck. Maybe I didn’t want to know. Yes, you do. We both do. I’m frightened. Me, too. I ran as quietly as I could down the dark tunnel. How to cite The Host Chapter 39: Worried, Essay examples

Perfect Storm Essay Example For Students

Perfect Storm Essay The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger was an account of an immense storm and its destructive path through the North Atlantic. In late October of 1991, many a crew of several different fishing ships left their port for their final haul. Little did they know that they would soon cross paths with one of the greatest storms ever recorded. This particular storm would create huge swells, high winds, and hard rain. The system was said to be a perfect storm because all of the elements were just right to create the worst imaginable storm ever seen claimed some meteorologists. Such a storm left little room for rescue if ones boat got into trouble. But there were those daring rescues from the Coast Guard during the storm that saved the lives of many and cost the life of one. These men risked their lives for the safety of others and have earned the title of hero. The Para rescue jumpers and pilots, our heroes in The Perfect Storm, had a responsibility to the well being of everyone at sea. When a distress call was made, it was their duty to answer it to the best of their ability. It seemed to the best of their ability meant do the job until they died trying. These men had undergone extensive training in their fields to prepare for such situations as the perfect storm presented them. The PJs had undergone a highly selective process that many Navy SEALS could not complete. And the pilots of the helicopters and jets showed tremendous skill as they navigated through the rough turbulence of the storm. These men were, indeed, the best of the best. To be the best at what one does not necessarily create a hero for the times. Peak physical shape and sharpness of mind were essential qualities for these heroes in the story. However, there was a little more to their character than what met the eye. These men had all the brute force in the world topped off with a touch of humanity. Humanity allowed them to put themselves in the shoes of the people trapped in the storm. They could then see the gravity of the situation and the importance of their role in their safety. But then again, many readers knew of the danger the crews were in and felt sorry and scared for them at the same time. But you wouldnt catch them out there in the middle of the storm, like a PJ or a pilot, risking their neck for people they did not know. So there had to be another element inside these men in order to separate them from the rest of mankind. They had what some may call, a hint of insanity. They were not insane to take on the task; rather, they had to have a lack of care for their own safety in order to ensure the safety of others. Not many people would be willing to dive into such waters and risk their own lives such as Dave Moore did for the Satori. The perfect storm provided a perfect opportunity for heroes to submerge. Many ships crews were saved because of the humanity and heroism of these rescue teams. But for some ships, like the Andrea Gail, they were caught in the middle of an unforgiving storm and did not have a chance at being rescued. The men and women who risked their own safety in order to save someone elses life have deserved the title of hero. Thanks to the heroism of the PJs and pilots of the Coast Guard, many people lived to tell their story about their experience on the high seas during those fateful October days.I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest for very suspenseful, interesting, realistic-fiction storiesWords/ Pages : 633 / 24

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Organizational Growth Strategy Brand Extension - Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Organizational Growth Strategy for Brand Extension. Answer: Introduction: When a company's existing brand has received a significant level of value and equity with regards to owning a place in the minds of the consumers, enterprises often try to leverage the success by further extending the brand. Ideally, brand extensions can be done in two ways- line extension and category extension (Som Pape, 2015, p. 18). In line extension, a new product of the same class as the original brand is introduced, while in category extension, the company launches a new product of a different class from the parent brand. This assignment discusses the factors that may influence brand extension as a growth strategy management. First, the need to minimize costs of introducing a new brand to the market is one of the factors that may influence the decision to use the brand extension as a growth strategy. The prevailing idea is that it is usually less expensive to launch a new product under a well-established brand than to introduce it as an entirely new brand (Som Pape, 2015, p. 20). This is because the new brand would require a lot of brand promotion and marketing. Another factor is the need to increase the market coverage of the brand. This is especially in line extension, whereby the product introduced falls in the same category as the parent brand (Ogbuji et al., 2014). For example, a company dealing in laundry detergents may create several varieties of soaps and differentiate them, using colors and scents. In doing this, the clients can choose from a wide range of products. Finally, the need to revitalize an old product and diversify revenue streams may necessitate the brand extension. Honestly, a new product introduced in the market with a good taste under the same manufacturer's name may influence the consumers to use old products that were no longer preferred (Ogbuji et al., 2014). A company may also conduct category extension to diversify its revenue streams, especially when it needs to tap new market segments for its product. References Ogbuji, C. N., Ezema Kalu Maduenyoghasi Oluchukwu Samson, 2014. The Influence of Brand Extension Strategy on Marketing Performance of Soft Drinks Firms in Nigeria. American International Journal of Contemporary Research, 4(1), pp. 267-275. Som, A. Pape, N., 2015. Brand and line extensions: an empirical study from the new age luxury industry. Luxury Research J, 1(1), pp. 18-39.